Business Intelligence

Many businesses, especially medium and larger companies profit from applying the technology of business intelligence and analytics.

This field helps business managers to access insights from data that help them make evidence-based decisions, giving them an advantage in their industry.

In choosing our list of books, we considered which will be suitable for expert focused hands-on skills, for business stakeholders or employee-focused to up skills.

There are other large collections of BI books but here are the best 7 and most relevant ones we recommend.

Data Strategy: How To Profit From A World Of Big Data, Analytics And The Internet Of Things by Bernard Marr

This book is highly relevant to business leaders as the book will convince top managers of the benefit of a business intelligence strategy.

The strength here is that it gives a big-picture view of big data strategy applied in business intelligence and analytics.

The knowledge in the book is also useful to all players in the business and IT world.

Data Analytics: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Data Analytics by Edward Mize

If you are a fan of easy to read books like most people, you’d be happy with what reviewers say about the author’s teaching skill.

A little math has not killed anyone yet and that is as much as you need to understand and apply the knowledge from the book.

At the end of the book, anyone with the determination will be able to learn techniques that will help them gain a competitive advantage in their businesses.

Data Analytics: Become A Master In Data Analytics by Richard Dorsey

This book will make your journey towards becoming a data analyst and business analyst easier.

It promises to be a gentle introduction to the life of a data scientist, which will not make you cringe under the toughness of how data analytics could be.

The Data Warehouse Toolkit: The Definitive Guide To Dimensional Modeling by Ralph Kimball & Margy Ross

If you think of a book that has it all for all levels of players in business intelligence, it is this one. The 14 case studies culled from all areas of business life are apt in providing business tailored text as well.

Business Intelligence for Dummies by Swain Scheps

For everyone willing to have practicable knowledge on business intelligence and analytics, this is a very top-rated book to read.

With a very simple approach to teaching, there is no much fancy tech stuff to deal with, but with the knowledge from it, business leaders can plan and implement BI in their business.

Data Analytics For Beginners: Your Ultimate Guide To Learn And Master Data Analysis. Get Your Business Intelligence Right – Accelerate Growth And Close More Sales” by Victor Finch

A lot of insights for anyone interested in basic business intelligence for growth hack.

This book is truly useful for beginners and it has useful insights that business leaders will find very useful practical applications.

The author is thoughtful of various users of BI tools and technologies.

Data Science For Business: What You Need To Know About Data Mining And Data-Analytic Thinking by Foster Provost & Tom Fawcett

If you ever dived a little deeper into big data and AI, you will know the importance of data models.

For anyone willing to roll up their sleeves in data science, this is one of the books to start with.