New Castle county

Keddie/Keddie……..Waldo (Woof!) Books…

This volume of wills includes administration bonds for those dying intestate. The wills and administrations are abstracted from Wills Books A, B, and C (folios 1-25).

Some of the earliest wills and administrations are partial as the actual documents are covered with archival tape and in places have been torn.

Additionally, some wills have not been abstracted because either water has damaged the writing, or the clerk closed the volume before the ink dried causing it to smear the handwriting beyond readability.

Among the surnames found within are the following:

Alricks, Anderson, Andrew, Andrison, Baker, Ball, Barenskill, Barnes, Bartleson, Best, Burk, Calvert, Cantwell, Cartwright, Cheek, Child, Clark, Clementson, Comins, Corderus, Crawford, Cross, D, Voes, Davis, Decon, Defosse, Dehaes, DeWitt, Direkson, Druett, Dubrouex/Dubruox, Empson, England, Estason, Foratt, French, Garland, Godin, Gouldsmith, Grantham, Halliday, Hanson/Hansone, Harland, Hartup, Hayes, Hodges, Hutchinson, Hyke, Janson, Johnson, King, Lamb, Land, Laws, Letts, Lewis, Madslanden, Mankin, Martin, Matthews, McDonnell, Medcalfe, Newenhuson, Otto, Pearl, Perkins, Peterson, Phillips, Pooll, Powell, Provost, Rainbow, Read, Reynolds, Richardson, Robinson, Sadler, Sawer, Seeger, Shddom, Sheffer, Sinnexon, Smith, Spry, Stalcop/Stallcop, Standley, Stoddham, Taylor, Tilton, Tossan/Tosson, Trumble, Vanburkloe, Vandercoolen, Vanderhope, Vandeuer, Walker, Walravon, Welch, Williams, Wolleston, Young and many, many, others.

New Castle County, Delaware Wills & Administrations, 1715-1721 &1746-1748

This volume continues wills and administrations from Will Books C and G (Will Books D, E, F, & J are missing) Askue, Ager, Alexander/Allexander, Alford, Allet, Alricks, Anderson, Andrews, Arthur, Baker, Ball, Balsaird, Barker, Baxter, Beavis, Bellarby, Bever, Bonham, Brewster, Brown, Bruning, Buller, Bullock, Burton, Cale, Calvert, Cantwell, Claghorn, Clark, Clemens, Cloud/Cloude, Cole, Conn, Constantine, Corbett, Craford, Craig, Crawford, Cullender, Cummins, David, Davis, Dean, Dehaes, Delagrange, Denning, Dervo, Deushain, Dixon, Douglass, Down, Dushane, Efford, Eger, Eiken, Elliott, Elson, Emmett, England, Enos, Evans, Eves, Exgor, Fisher, Fitzgerald, Ford, Fowke/Fowkes, Frogg/Froggs, Fulton, Garland, Garrettson, Garrison, Geton, Gill, Gofforth/Goforth, Goodeen, Gordon, Grant, Griffith, Grubb, Guest, Hackett, Halliwell, Hamilton, Harmon, Haughton, Hays, Heath, Hill, Hilliard, Hogg, Holliday, Houston, Howard, Howell, Hunter, Hutchinson, Jack, James, Jaquat, Jeton, John, Johnson, Johnston, Jolly, Jones, Jubart, Kelsey, King, Land, Leonard, Lewis, Litle, Loe, London, Loutman, Lynus, Mccay, Makkany, Mankin, Marrarty, Marsh, McAlester, McAnter, McClearn, McCorkle, McDavit, McFull, McGee, McInteer, McNamara, Meredith, Minson, Moor, Moore, Neal, Nelson, Nevin, Nichols, Nillson, Nugin, Oattes, Offley, Ogle, Oliver, Owens, Pain/Paine, Pasuel, Pattin, Paxson, Peterson, Pettegrew, Piper, Poleson, Pook, Poulson, Pounds, Priest, Price, Prince, Read, Reall, Reddock, Rees, Rhenolds, Richardson, Robinson, Rogers, Rudders, Ruth, Sanders, Sawyer, Scott, See, Sennaxon, Shain, Sharpley, Short, Smith, Sorrel, Stalcope, Stanley, Stedham, Stodham, Sturges, Sulivan, Swett, Synnaxon, Taylor, Thomas, Tilton, Tonay, Tranberg, Trice, Turner, Tusey, Urinson, Vancevena, Vanderzell, Vandike, Vigorueau, Wallace, Wansford, Webb, Webster, Whelldon, Wilds, Willcox, Williams, Woodland, Yates, Yeats, Young, and many, many others. 

Keddie/Keddie………Waldo (Woof!) Books

This volume completes Will Book G (folios 211-463) and includes the following surnames:

Anderson, Babb, Bannet, Bickley, Brachen, Broom, Bryan, Cloud, Cook, Craig, Creighton, Davis, Derickson, Donaldson, Elder, England, Farris, Ferris, Garrettson/Garritson, Golden, Gray, Gregg, Griffith, Harris, Hastings, Hill, Hyatt, Janvier, John, Land, Lewis, McDonald, McWhirter, Mendenhall, Miller, Moore, Morris, Patterson, Perkins, Peterson, Porter, Reynolds, Rie, Roberts, Robinson, Ruth, Silsbee, Stalcop, Steel, Strange, Tailor, VanCoolen, Vandergrift, Vardiman, Vaudine, Wolloson, Yarnell, and a whole bunch more folks.